Forbo Adhesives - Paper&Board, Packaging, Cigarettes

Paper Converting, Packaging and Labelling

As we already mentioned Forbo Adhesives provide solutions for the vast range of applications in the paper converting industry, including corrugated box manufacturing, film lamination and label attachement. Specific applications are: Case and carton manufacture, paper products, bags, envelopes, tube winding, packaging for the food industry such as water, beer, wines, liquors and spirits, fruit juices, condiments (mayo,ketchup,edible oils,etc.), frozen foods, dairy foods (milk,cheese,yogurt,etc,); dry foods (pasta, rice, biscuits, chocolate, cereals), preserved food, pet foods; packaging for the non-food industry such as soaps and detergents and other chemicals, cosmetics and perfumes, pharmaceuticals. 


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Contact Information
10, P. Demetrakopoulos str.
P.O.Box 1311, Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: +357 22 663316
Fax: +357 22 667059

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