Forbo Adhesives - Transportation and Automotive

Requirements such as low weight and material consumption make the adhesive technology a key component in transportation markets. Our proven capabilities in automotive interior finishing are to assist our customers in choosing the ideal and environmental friendly bonding solutions for the full scale of materials and substrates. With the advanced Thermonex technology by Forbo Adhesives Automotive, laminates using leather and other high quality substrates are setting new quality standards in the industry.

Forbo Adhesives provides bonding and laminating adhesives for various applications:

Passenger Cars: Interior trim applications, such as headliner bonding, vacuum forming (lamination), bonding of retainer clips, products for parts suppliers such as air filetrs,oil filters and haedlights.

Trucks and Buses: Panels, floorings, structural bonding, ceiling, sandwich panel bonding.

Bicycles and Recreational Vehicles: Caravans, mobile homes,panels,flooring and sealing.

In order to be able to support you as our customer with the unique Forbo Adhesives expertise please contact us:


Contact Information
10, P. Demetrakopoulos str.
P.O.Box 1311, Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: +357 22 663316
Fax: +357 22 667059

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