Forbo Adhesives - Woodworking and Joinery

Particularly in the construction and furniture industries, adhesive bonding is an independable method for joining two or more substrates. Forbo Adhesives has many years of specific experience in the woodworking markets, such as 3D membrane pressing, especially 3D coated front panels in kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture. For window profile applications, Forbo Adhesives offers a complete products range for different methods and applications.

Forbo Adhesives is proud of its long history and vast experience in this segment which includes applications such as:

  • Bonding and reinforcing joints in wood
  • Inserting and bonding a dowel into predrilled holes in a board
  • Wrapping and bonding a flexible film completely around a board or profile (e.g. wood veneers for solid or composite profiles)
  • Bonding solid wood components parallel to each other to make a larger board or panel
  • Bonding high pressure laminates to particleboard
  • Medium density fiberboard or plywood to make countertops
  • Bonding of urethane or latex foam for upholstery and mattresses
  • And any other innovative solution in the furniture industry.


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